Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammad Hussein Esfahani (Kompani)


The Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammad Hussein Esfahani (also known as Kompani), born on Thursday, December 26th, 1878 A.D. in Kazimayn, Iraq, was an Iraqi Shia mystic, poet, theologian, and exegete. His father, Haj Mohammad Hasan Nakhjavani--a prominent businessman in Kazimayn--frequently associated with Islamic clerics; his son, Mohammad Hussein, grew up in a religious setting and went to the Najaf Seminary to study jurisprudence at the age of 20 under the tutelage of various ayatollahs, such as the Akhoond Mulla Mohammad Kazem. Upon the death of the Akhoond Mulla Mohammad Kazem, the Ayatollah Kompani began to teach Islamic jurisprudence to various clergymen in Najaf; he wrote numerous treatises on jurisprudential and philosophical subjects, some of which have disappeared. Moreover, he trained notable Islamic clerics, one of whom was the Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Bahjat. The Ayatollah Kompani passed away on Sunday, December 13th, 1942 A.D. in Najaf, Iraq.


Some of the works of the mystic are as follows:

  1. The Divan of Persian Poetry
  2. The Treatise on the Congregational Prayer
  3. The Treatise on the Traveler Prayer
  4. The Treatise on the Reality of Religion
  5. The Treatise on Bodily Resurrection